The Sizzle Reel

A fine art web series encouraging viewers to find the artist within themselves, using a humorous and down-to-earth approach. *alcohol required

Bil Paints teaser from Bil Arscott on Vimeo.



Demonstrate the process of creating a painting, from the inspiration to the finished product. Encouraging viewers to find the artist within themselves, using humor and a down-to-earth approach.


The show takes place anywhere and everywhere inspiration is found.  From the wilds of Australia, the elegance of France, to taking a sip from a well-made cocktail on your own back porch, you never know where you are going to find the seeds of creativity. Afterwards we move under the big tree in Funky Little Forest Hills, where the painting takes place in Bil's natural light art studio.

Format Synopsis:

Bil Paints shows the artistic process of creating a painting from the inspiration to the finished canvas.  Each episode opens with a source of inspiration that determines the artistic style. The sources of inspiration are derived from the everyday world around us all. As Bil works through the artistic process he inserts history, technique, and humor. Along the way he lubricates the flow of creativity by mixing up cocktails that are historically and location appropriate. Each episode ends with a completed original painting.

Series Synopsis:

Over the course of the series, viewers will learn the history of various artist’s lives, their techniques, and the art movements of which they pioneered. One of the primary goals of Bil Paints is to inspire the average watcher to find the artist within themselves. Each episode will take us to a new location in search of inspiration. They might be found around the globe or in our own backyard, the influence for great art can be found anywhere. Often the journey of creating a painting is more fulfilling than the final product. Art is for everyone, it is all around us, you do not have to travel far geographically or within yourself to find it.

Now, let's paint!